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I recently heard a speech speaking to owning a business and balance family life and how that doesn’t exactly exist anymore. Being a business owner, a mom, a wife, and an employee in Southern Illinois I feel this is something near and dear to my heart. There has to be a better way of life…….. right?

I am sure if I asked many of you what your biggest concerns are with being a working parent we would agree on most of the topics: child safety, affordability for child care, accessibility, and is it added value to my family? I often wonder if my many hats is taking value from my family.

I love being a nurse- don’t get me wrong! It is a great accomplishment! AshLee Wethington RN, BSN! I love it <3 My job provides an income my family needs from me to live the life we have. Being a nurse makes me proud!

Being a photographer gives me a rush of emotions that I don’t get with my day to day job. I am able to be the boss and create the image that makes others melt like putty. When someone tells me they like my work or that “your photo made me cry” I have a mix of emotions… I am happy that others like my work. I almost feel not worthy… Me??? My work??? No way… I am not that good… but when you book with me again I tell myself “See, you ARE that good… they really do like you!”

But what about my family? Are they suffering because of my schedule? I have always been a worker. I had my first job when I was 14. I worked for my dad. When I turned 16 I got my first “real job” and paid for my own car. After becoming a CNA I started nursing school and worked full time while working as both a CNA and then an LPN. I soon became an RN and worked TWO jobs as an RN. That means 6 twelve hour shifts a week. I did this because I have just always been a busy body. My parents taught me when you work hard, you gain more… so I was ready to work so I could gain!

After a loooooong soul searching meeting with myself this is what I have concluded to (in no particular order):

1.) My double job life makes my emotional self feel accomplished and fullfilled.

2.) I have a WONDERFUL support system that allows for both of my jobs to thrive!

3.) My kids see me working hard, and I hope they will see that same work ethic will get them further in life than one of laziness.

4.) Allowing myself to grow, learn, and expand is not only good for my personal being, but again allows my children to see me thriving.

5.) I am becoming busy enough with both careers, it is time to make some changes… I hope to share more about this over the next year!

Soooooo- is there a true thing as work life balance? As a business owner I honestly say yes and no. At least for me.

My balance varies from day to day. How many sessions I have planned, have to edit, emails or IM’s to answer, etc. dictates the balance. Some days are full of snuggles and art projects, some days are a mix of a little work while the kids watch a movie and a lot of play when the weather is nice <3 The important thing is to find a balance both your family and business can thrive with… not just survive. This will look different for every business owner, and every family…








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Hello there! Thank you so much for stopping by to learn more about me! I am a Registered Nurse that has found a great love for photography! I enjoy photographing newborns, children, and families. My goal is to capture authentic smiles, real life moments, and the tiny details that bring your mind racing back to that exact moment 10, 20, 30 years from now. I also have 2 children, MadaLynn and Beckett and a wonderful husband John. In 2017 I completed my bachelors in nursing... while working as a nurse and a photographer. I love to laugh and I have a silly sense of humor!

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