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The last few months of pregnancy come with a whirlwind of emotions! From fluctuating hormones to the realization of how your world is about to change, there are a lot of things a new momma needs to think about and take care of before baby makes their arrival. So I have put together a few things that you should do to take care of YOU and in the end those things will relieve stress to take care of the rest of your to do list.

1.) Mani/Pedi- If you are anything like most women your fingers and toes probably have the resemblance of sausages at this point. Those swollen digits deserve some love too! Take the time to pamper yourself with a mani/pedi and relax. Not only will you feel a little better, but your soft, pretty hands will look great holding your new bundle of joy! The inability to paint your toe nails and breath at the same time is motivation enough for me to sit back and be spoiled!

2.) Vacation Day- Whether you are a working mom that is still working or not take a vacation day. A day for you to binge watch TV or sleep in… you are creating a tiny human! You deserve it!

3.) Speaking of Sleeping in- Do it. For real. Sleep in… take a nap… don’t feel guilty! Just. Do. It.

4.) Pack a Going Home Outfit for Baby (and you)- Your little bundle of joy wont need much those first days in the hospital. Your little one will be swaddled in those baby foot stamped blankets and they will provide the diapers and wipes while you are there. A new outfit is a must though 🙂 #homewardbound

5.) Date Night! Be sure to take the time for a date night or 10 with your significant other. Your family is about to grow by 1 member (or more) so take this time in and enjoy it.

5 1/2.)  Date night with your older kids- just as above don’t forget to enjoy the last    days/weeks when your youngest is still your youngest… make them feel loved and special! There world is about to change so this may be a great opportunity to tell them how much you love them!

6.) Upgrade Your Phone Storage- You’ll never have enough photos of those first moments, days, weeks, etc. So before you hit your limit and have to go through 43 photos of the first bath to see which ones gotta go to make more room- avoid the hassle and add the storage!

7.) Speaking of Photos: Hire your Newborn Photographer- If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to book your photographer! She/he will want to capture your baby in those first 5-20 days most likely, so it is a priority to get your name on the books! When I say book your photographer… What I really mean is: Hi! My name is AshLee Wethington and you should go ahead and give me a email/call or send me a message on Facebook messenger and book your session today 🙂

8.) Stock the Cabinets- Head to the store and pick up non-perishable items to get you through those late night feedings and some quick and easy meal options for those days you are just too pooped to cook. Bonus points for grabbing one handed items to eat like granola bars!

9.) Baby Proofing- If you haven’t already, start de-cluttering and getting ready for tiny hands and wobbly first steps. This is something you can work on over the next few months, but getting a jump start on it may help ease some worry and stress. Your baby won’t be on the move for another 7 or so months, but purging of unnecessary items does a great thing for ones soul!

10.) Document- Be sure to take note of all of the changes and experiences with this adventure! Videos, photos, and journal are all great ways to remember and share these precious moments… over time you will forget. Memories will fade… so write it down. Take the photo… soak it in!

Congrats on your newest addition! I am so excited for you <3 If you would like more information on how to book you newborn session with AshLee Wethington Photography feel free to fill out my contact page or hit me up on social media! 

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