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So you booked your photography session and now are struggling with what to to wear?!? Let me help you! Here are some tips, tricks, and do’s and don’ts for modern photography sessions!

Do: Coordinate

Don’t: Match

Do: Plan around color schemes

Don’t: Wear neon colors (don’t forget to look at kids shoes!)

whattowear2 copyIf you really want to wear those heels, either bring a back up or let’s talk about other location options. Most likely in a field we wont be seeing much of your shoes anyway, so if the shoes are your focal points, lets chose a location that makes sense!whattowear3 copyI love mixing florals and polkadots- but don’t mix plaid with plaid or strips with strips unless it is in small doses!whattowear4 copyLogos are a big no no if you are looking for a timeless and seamless look. If you have any questions about if it will work send me a message with a photo! I will help <3whattowear5 copy

Neon doesn’t photograph well- unless we are doing a throw back to the 80’s! That could be a lot of fun! I suggest we keep it simple and about the family engagement though and keep the neon colors for play time!whattowear6 copyThis can seem scary when you are applying, but man does it make a difference in the photos!whattowear7 copywhattowear8 copywhattowear9 copyBright colors are great, until they become distracting. Just be thoughtful when adding them to your wardrobe options!whattowear10 copywhattowear11 copyKnowing what to wear can be a daunting task but one of the best tips I can give is to add details and texture! whattowear12 copyI absolutely adore this color pallet! The colors flow so well together and add a little pop of color! If you are anything like me, I have tons of these tones in my closet already!whattowear13 copyAlways a favorite here! Keep is simple and timeless!

Need more help with deciding what to wear as a couple or siblings? Click here!

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Hello there! Thank you so much for stopping by to learn more about me! I am a Registered Nurse that has found a great love for photography! I enjoy photographing newborns, children, and families. My goal is to capture authentic smiles, real life moments, and the tiny details that bring your mind racing back to that exact moment 10, 20, 30 years from now. I also have 2 children, MadaLynn and Beckett and a wonderful husband John. In 2017 I completed my bachelors in nursing... while working as a nurse and a photographer. I love to laugh and I have a silly sense of humor!

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