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If there is one thing I can relate to, it would be how busy life is! I am a full time photographer, part time nurse, with 2 kids- that play sports, tumble, and have piano lessons, a husband, and a dog. Life. Is. Busy. So let’s talk about self care for the busy #bossbabe!

One thing that I struggle with, and have to remind my self of is #SelfCare. So I will be honest. I am telling myself this exact info as I type it to hold myself accountable!

As I mentioned, I am a nurse. I know there are many things our body needs to keep it going. We as humans (busy humans) tend to neglect a few things here and there. We as moms tend to neglect even more… most of us are givers and not takers, so we give our time, our energy, heck everything we got to make others happy! BUT!!! We have to remember to take care of ourselves <3 Self care is so important! 

I found this blog post that was great for a #busybossbabe to read on the go!

Before I share the link I want to give you my 3 best tips: DRINK MORE WATER! Get more sleep, and for those of us that are behind a desk most days, be sure to get up and walk every hour! 

I love that my apple watch reminds me to get up and walk around and even to stop and take a few deep breaths to relax myself everyday. Sometimes I just want to turn it off “I don’t have time to get up and walk… I am on a deadline!” BUT- I am always more clear headed and less stressed if I do what the watch tells me lol!

So go ahead and take a look at the link here and don’t be afraid to share with me your favorite tip!

I would love to hear what helpful info you have to share for self care tips for the busy #BossBabe!

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Til next time! Xoxo

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Hello there! Thank you so much for stopping by to learn more about me! I am a Registered Nurse that has found a great love for photography! I enjoy photographing newborns, children, and families. My goal is to capture authentic smiles, real life moments, and the tiny details that bring your mind racing back to that exact moment 10, 20, 30 years from now. I also have 2 children, MadaLynn and Beckett and a wonderful husband John. In 2017 I completed my bachelors in nursing... while working as a nurse and a photographer. I love to laugh and I have a silly sense of humor!

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