Fall Mini Sessions | Southern Illinois | AshLee Wethington Photography

Fall Mini Sessions at Schwartz’s Apple Orchard | Southern Illinois | AshLee Wethington Photography

Fall Mini Sessions

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
Albert Camus

Let’s get real for a bit… August through November is a crazy busy time for just about everyone! For a photographer it is a lot of shooting and editing! A.  L. O. T. Fall is fun, fall is beautiful, fall is BUSY! But the fall season brings a good busy!

This is the time of year when my blog posts sort of disappear for a while…

Honestly, I mean, I’m not the most prolific blogger but I do like to post some photos for you all to enjoy!

So let’s start with some fun fall sessions in the midwest! These were all taken at one of my favorite locations, Schwartz’s Apple Orchard. I love that they allow me to capture so many fun family moments!

On To The Photos!

I absolutely love photographing these boys! I have had several opportunities to photograph them over this past year, and those smiles tell me they must enjoy me too! So they were a blast for fall mini sessions!

Jojo and Jemma have been such a blessing to photograph too! I met their momma during a model call and well here we are with another baby and even more adorable photos for them! They are about the sweetest family!

The littlest guy in these photos captured my heart just as soon as I learned his name… Beckett! Strange huh? It’s just a name after all. BUT Beckett isn’t a common name, but it is my 5 year old sons name too! We had never heard that name before as anything other than a last name. So the day before I went into labor an old war movie came on and when Private Beckett saved the day it seemed like it was meant to be! We took that last name and made it our sons first, and hadn’t met another Beckett until this year! So this fall Beckett met Beckett during their fall mini!

Oh, and look at that sun falling on little Alice! Some of the days were a tad chilly but the sun didn’t disappoint! That golden light gets me every time <3

Thanks for catching up with me! Until next time….

AshLee Wethington Photography

Hello there! Thank you so much for stopping by to learn more about me! I am a Registered Nurse that has found a great love for photography! I enjoy photographing newborns, children, and families. My goal is to capture authentic smiles, real life moments, and the tiny details that bring your mind racing back to that exact moment 10, 20, 30 years from now. I also have 2 children, MadaLynn and Beckett and a wonderful husband John. In 2017 I completed my bachelors in nursing... while working as a nurse and a photographer. I love to laugh and I have a silly sense of humor!

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