Mother’s Day Mini’s

Mother’s Day Mini Sessions: For moms and her little loves.


Us moms are always behind the camera. We are always the ones making sure the kids are smiling, wearing the correct outfits, all the faces are able to be seen in the photo, and that the chocolate is wiped off of the tiny faces. I tell my dad clients all the time “take the photo for her” but it isn’t just “for her” dads… take the photo.

Introducing Mother’s Day Mini Sessions:

Take the photo of mom curled up reading a book to her littles. Take the photo of her teaching them to cook, or how to blow their nose. Take the photo of her sleeping with her arms wrapped around her little loves. Take. The. Photo.

It will mean more to her than she can put into words. Maybe not right away… maybe not next week… But someday she will look back at that photo and see her baby in a whole new light. She will see her babies and be triggered back to the smell of their hair after a bath, and their slobbery kisses <3

I offered Mother’s Day Mini Sessions to help dads “take the photo.” I wanted moms to see their love for their babies in photos that they can keep for a life time! I really wanted to go for a lifestyle type approach. Something that felt like home, even though the sessions weren’t done in their homes.



I had an amazing turn out for these in door Mother’s Day mini sessions! I am so grateful for these awesome mommas that brought their littles in to see me <3 <3 <3 BUT not only that… that some of these mommas took the time to schedule and do this for themselves! Can I get a HELL YEAH…. GET IT GIRL!!!! DO IT FOR YOU!

When was the last time you can say you did something for YOU on mothers day?

I hope that this time next year you could say you planned a Mother’s Day Mini Session and in return got some awesome photos to cherish forever <3

I know my heart was so full seeing all of the love being shared <3

And the best part about that is… I was able to capture it for these mommas <3

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Newborn Fresh48 Session @ SSM Health Mt. Vernon, IL

AWP.-8236 copy

I can’t express how much joy it brings me to do Fresh 48 Sessions! This particular Fresh 48 that was done at SSM Health in Mt. Vernon, IL really made my heart sing! Look at big brother, I mean come on! That smile is enough to light up anyones day! He is seriously the absolute sweetest and so in love with his baby sister. This little girl is super lucky!

Capturing a siblings love for their new playmate is the best during a Fresh 48 Session. Not only is mom totally in love with the photos but man I am too! They may not be my kiddos,  but knowing I can bring such joy to a mommas face is about the best!

Capturing the tiny details is one of my other favorite thing during a Fresh 48 session. The tiny toes, the name and birth information… it all means so much in the grand scheme of things, but these are all things that we often times forget about! Oh how time gets away from us so quickly :/

I wish they could stay little for just a little while longer. Or maybe that we didn’t have to work so hard and so long to earn a living to take care of them. Who needs a full time job?!?!? Just kidding… but man I wish I could go back to those days when my babies were so little and I was just so tired from not sleeping at night, and working all day… just so I could soak up every second. Look at me getting all sentimental over here…

I will just leave you with a few more photos from this little ones Fresh 48 session <3

Cole Senior Session

2019-03-30_0006 copy

Meet Cole, a Senior here in Southern Illinois! I met his mom while working in the operating room in Mt. Vernon, Illinois… what a great person she is!
She asked me to take her sons senior photos and of course I said yes!

Cole was also getting ready for his Senior Prom that was to be held the same evening. So we had to get a few shots of him in his tux as well!


Did I mention how much it rained the day of his session? Oh not yet? Well… it did. Like, A LOT! It was a challenge to find the right places to take his senior photos without us (and his mom) getting SOAKED… but I accepted the challenge with the thought that I would NOT let him down, and I was excited for the locations I chose and the outcome of his session!

He was killing it with that smile!

He was super excited to add his car into a few shots. The rain actually worked in my favor and made his car super shiny!

AWP.-8549bw copy

I feel that black and white looks great on almost every guy… for real! This photo was taken at our meeting spot @Rail Coffee Room here in Centralia, IL.


AWP.-8723bw copy

So for this shot, which do you prefer? The COLOR OR BLACK AND WHITE?!?!

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The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

After attending the 2018 Reset Conference I decided to take a hard look into AshLee Wethington Photography as a business here in Southern Illinois, I have decided the time to blog is now! Let the Journey Begin!

So what better topic to kick off my blogging journey than Reset?

So what is Reset? It is a photography conference that allows photography business owners to come together to learn, grow and Reset their spirit, mind, and business! Everyone is a peer…

Community over competition…


Some really cool props and gear!!!

It was a truly amazing experience and I am so excited for next year! I already have my ticket 🙂

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



Shortly after this conference I started working on my business instead of just in my business. Blogging, websites, tax prep, marketing… the whole works. As I am going back though old posts to make things look and work better I thought I would give an update on my journey. In 2019 I attended the Reset conference and made a ton of changes again. I was able to walk away from my full time job as a nurse in administration in Sept 2019 and live my dream of being a full time photographer in Southern Illinois. 

I can now provide for my family as well as teach and mentor others how to do the same. This journey isn’t for the faint at heart. It takes a lot of blood sweat and tears into doing this- but I am truly happy! I hope to one day teach what I know on a much larger scale and reach more people! Did you know that I mentor other newborn photographers? Interested in traveling to me or me traveling to your studio? Let’s chat!

If I can do it so can you!

Hughes Newborn Girl Swaddle Session in Centralia, IL

Baby Hughes Newborn Girl Swaddle Session in Southern Illinois

Swaddle Sessions are such a great way to get photos of your little one. Swaddle Sessions are a mini newborn sessions of sorts. The photos are of just baby, mostly swaddled ( depending on their sleepiness I may add an outfit or extra pose <3 ). Wanna learn more about my newborn sessions? Click here!

heart bowl, soft blue wrap, bow headband, wood backdrop, Centralia, IL studio session

I like to allow my clients to choose the colors and details of their little ones newborn session no matter if it is a “Squish” or “Swaddle” session. In this case momma chose her likes, and daddy did too! newborn girl, newborn session, floral romper, floral headband, wood backdrop, Centralia, IL studio session

I love when daddy’s of little ones speak up and really allow me to make a gallery HE will love too! About half way though the session daddy chose the color green to be a focus. The colors we used in Baby A’s session complement each other so well and it was easy to pull coordinating items. I love when clients make my job easy <3

I had just gotten in so many new items for spring AND I picked up a few new things while I was at the RESET conference a week before <3 Look at those pouty lips! She was such a doll at her session <3


newborn girl, newborn bunny, newborn baby girl as bunny, Centralia, IL studio session

Who doesn’t like a bunny photo? I mean come on… this is seriously too cute! This bunny bonnet was one that I picked up while at RESET from @Devoted Knits. I added the floral tieback to girly it up a bit!

dream catcher, newborn session, swaddle newborn session, newborn dream catcher, centralia, il studio session

This sweet little one’s momma really wanted to try the hanging dream catcher set up… well of course she was so super sleepy and easily posed she made it easy! This was the first time I added a floral wrap to soften the set up and add a little color. I love it! Side note- this is a composite shot, baby is NOT hanging in a dream catcher!


Interested in booking your little ones newborn session? It is never TOO EARLY to book! Get with me today and I will add you to the schedule <3 I only take so many newborns each month, so let’s chat today!

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