Mother’s Day Mini’s

Mother’s Day Mini Sessions: For moms and her little loves.   Us moms are always behind the camera. We are always the ones making sure the kids are smiling, wearing the correct outfits, all the faces are able to be seen in the photo, and that the chocolate is wiped off of the tiny faces. […]

Who The Heck Am I? | AshLee Wethington Photography

Who is AshLee Wethington from AshLee Wethington Photography? Who the heck am I? As I am reviewing my business structure and have some quiet time I thought I would stop to take a minute to write about myself. Like many of you, I am a human with many hats. So, who the heck am I? […]

Self Care Tips for The Busy #BossBabe | AshLee Wethington Photography

If there is one thing I can relate to, it would be how busy life is! I am a full time photographer, part time nurse, with 2 kids- that play sports, tumble, and have piano lessons, a husband, and a dog. Life. Is. Busy. So let’s talk about self care for the busy #bossbabe! One […]

What to Wear Guide for Couples and Siblings | AshLee Wethington Photography

What to Wear Guide for Couples and Siblings: So you booked your photography session and now are struggling with what to to wear?!? Let me help you! As you look through the what to wear guide you will see some some tips, tricks, and do’s and don’ts for modern photography sessions! Do: Coordinate Don’t: Match […]

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